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Are Women’s Personalities Different from Men’s

Are Women’s Personalities Different from Men’s

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Ever wondered if men and women are really that different? The book "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" sure makes it seem like it. But let's dive into what science says about personality differences between genders using the Big Five Personality Traits as our guide.

The Big Five Personality Traits

The Big Five Personality Traits model is a popular way to understand human personality. Here are the five traits:

  1. Openness to Experience

Creativity and curiosity. People high in this trait love learning and trying new things.

  1. Conscientiousness

Organization and dependability. Highly conscientious people are meticulous and reliable.

  1. Extraversion

Sociability and assertiveness. Extraverts thrive in social situations.

  1. Agreeableness

Kindness and cooperation. People high in agreeableness are empathetic and cooperative.

  1. Neuroticism

Emotional instability. Those high in neuroticism often experience mood swings and anxiety.

You can test your scores in these domains in our Big Five Test freely available here.

Gender Differences in Personality Traits

Research shows that, on average, women score higher in Neuroticism and Agreeableness. They tend to be more compassionate, cooperative, and emotionally expressive. Men often score higher in assertiveness and openness to new ideas, possibly due to evolutionary and socio-cultural influences.

Evolutionary and Socio-Cultural Influences

Evolutionary theories suggest men and women developed different traits to adapt to their roles in early societies. Socio-cultural theories emphasize that societal expectations shape gender-specific behaviors.

Meta-Analyses Findings

Meta-analyses reveal that men are generally more assertive and have higher self-esteem, while women exhibit higher levels of anxiety, depression, and agreeableness.

Are Men and Women Really That Different?


Women typically exhibit higher levels of anxiety and depression, aligning with clinical diagnoses. Men display more traits related to anger and aggression.


Women score higher in agreeableness, showing greater warmth, empathy, and cooperativeness. Men are less motivated to maintain social and emotional connections.


Both genders show similar levels of conscientiousness, with women scoring slightly higher in orderliness.


Women are generally more enthusiastic and sociable, while men are more assertive and adventurous.

Openness to Experience

While women score higher in openness to experience, men tend to score higher in traits associated with intellect.

Why Do These Differences Exist?

These differences can be due to both evolutionary pressures and socio-cultural influences. Men and women had to adapt to different roles in early human societies, and today's societal norms continue to shape these traits.

What Does This Mean?

On average, men and women have different personalities, but there's a lot of overlap. Many men can be more agreeable than some women, and many women can be more assertive than some men. Understanding these differences can help improve communication and relationships between genders.


Research confirms that men and women exhibit distinct personality traits on average. These differences are influenced by both biological and socio-cultural factors. Future research should explore these differences across diverse societies and cultures to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying factors. Understanding these traits can enhance communication and relationships between genders, making it easier to appreciate and navigate our differences.


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